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Curofy to be media partner for ASGCON 2015

New Delhi, November 2015: Curofy, India’s premier doctors’ only mobile networking app has tied up with (ISGCON 2015) to help doctors stay updated with the conference schedule and help the organizers to seamlessly communicate with its members.

ISGCON 2015, which is 56th in the series, is being held in the beautiful city of Indore between 19th - 22nd November and the conference is expected to be thronged by many national and international gastroenterologists. “The conference would have a galaxy of international and national faculty who will share their knowledge and expertise in the field of medical care and we are happy to have tied up with Curofy so as to get greater visibility and reach among doctors”, says Dr Ajay Kumar Jain, Organizing Secretary of ASGCON 2015.

This arrangement would mean that Curofy, which has been hailed by medical fraternity and media alike as one of the most happening platform to interact with each other, will use the app to update conference proceedings exclusively for ASGCON doctors and thus be an official media for the conference.

Curofiy will notify the doctors of the latest developments on the conference and also provide a platform for the organizers to announce/pass on information to the members with considerable ease amongst other features. In other words, Curofy would be used by ASGCON as a tool to get or stay updated about various events falling with the conference ambit.

This also presents an added incentive to the conference managers to showcase their events on the app right from the first ASGCON day. “This is unique because only owning stalls and putting out banners in the conference location hardly pays dividends these days”, says Mudit Vijayvergia, Co-founder, Curofy and adds: “With tie-ups as these, we are trying to reach out to maximum doctors so that they can leverage conference benefits through such a robust technological platform as Curofy”,

Curofy, which is making stride upon stride, is looking to make more tie ups on similar lines not only boosting it’s already commendable user base but also inculcating a tech savviness in a community which has historically shied away from it.

About Curofy:

Curofy is a medical networking app that powers a spam-free and secure communication between doctors. Curofy’s online medical directory prepopulates profiles of doctors based on the public data. Doctors provide their basic details to enter into the premium network post verification. Doctors seek opinions from other doctors, apply for jobs and read latest medical news on the app.